Wouxun KG-UV950P
Quad Band Mobile

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Wouxun KG-UV950R

The Wouxun KG-UV950P is a quad band FM mobile transceiver covering 10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters and 440 MHz. Four power levels are selectable: VHF 50W/20W/10W/5W, UHF 40W/20W/10W/5W. 999 memories are available. It can be mounted at a variety of angles and features a detachable head.

Features include:
Full Duplex Cross-Band (Offset Frequency and Frequency Shift Direction programmable)
Remote Control (Programmable for work mode, like Transceiver mode, Directional Repeating mode and Duplex Repeating mode). Remote Control (Programmable for reset function)
Customized CTCSS&DCS encoding/decoding
Automatic Fan (The fan is working once the radio powers on)

AVAILABILITY NOTE:  Price and availability have not yet been announced. We will post this information as soon as it is available.

This device has not been approved by the F.C.C.
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