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Alinco DR-138T
VHF Transceiver

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VHF Mobile Transceivers 

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  Alinco DR-138T

  • 200 Memories
  • Ten Autodial Memories
  • Encode/Decode
  • Theft Deterrent System
  • Time Out Timer
  • Multi Color Alphanumeric LCD
  • Scan
  • DTMF Microphone
  • Dimmer
  • Auto Power Off 30/60/120 minutes

The Alinco DR-138T is a full-featured, Part 90, VHF 136-174 MHz, 60 watt FM transceiver with an alphanumeric display (up to seven characters). Three power outputs (60/25/10 watts) are available. CTCSS encode and decode are standard. This radio delivers power, flexibility and performance in a small package. The DR-138 comes with:  EMS-74 DTMF Hand Mic, mobile bracket, DC cord and mounting hardware. (145x47x190mm 1.2 kg). Requires programming software and cable. Requires 12 Amps on high power.

The DR-138T is a CE and FCC certified business radio that requires an amateur or commercial license to operate.

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    EMS-53 Plain hand mic (no DTMF). 8 pin round Foster plug. Discontinued
  EMS74 EMS-74 Hand mic with Up/Down and DTMF. [As supplied].
Has switch for Lock and DTMF On/Off.
8 pin round Foster plug.VIEW
Not in stock
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