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Icom VS-3
Bluetooth® Ear Mic
New Version

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Icom VS-3

The Icom VS-3 Bluetooth® ear piece microphone enables you to have hands-free operation with the optional UT-137 Bluetooth unit (sold separately) installed in the ID-5100A.

The new version VS-3 has improved receive audio utilizing a single in-ear type headset, that provides better audio, as well as, passive noise cancelling as the rubber forms to the userís ear canal. While the previous version VS-3 headset, SP-36, provided two earbuds that sat in the outer ear area, the new design, SP-42, fits within the ear canal. There are three rubber earbud tips that come in the package to accommodate most ear canal sizes. Improved transmit audio is acheived with a new design for the microphone port which improves the microphone sensitivity and produces more intelligible audio.

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#6230 21-C D[200] 150/140 Q080/120 __ 01/21