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Icom HM-90
Wireless Mic


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HM-90 Wireless Mic System

HM-90A System

The Icom HM-90 is an optional wireless DTMF hand microphone for the IC-2100H, IC-2700, IC-2710 and IC-2800 radios.
It requires the use of the EX-1759 wireless infrared receiver (sold separately) which attaches to the radio's mic jack.
The optional EX-1513 Infrared sub receiver may be purchased for increased range and reliability of the EX-1759.

The BC-96 mic holder and charger holds the mic when not in use.
The BC-96 charge tray may be powered by the CP-13, CP-13L, OPC-288 or OPC-288L (not included).

The HM-90 may also be used in a conventional wired manner.

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