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Alinco DR-570T
144/440 MHz 45/35 W


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Alinco DR-570T

The Alinco DR-570T 2M/440 FM mobile is a compact package offering maximum operating performance. operation. The DR-570T has 45 watts output on 2 meters and 35 watts on 70 cm at two different power levels. There are separate knobs for volume/squelch on each band. True crossband repeat full-duplex is featured. You get a total of 20 memories. The EJ-5U Tone Squelch is built into the DR-570T (optional on the DR-570E). Tuning steps:  5, 10, 12.5, 20 and 25 kHz. The DR-570T has a built-in duplexer, allowing for a single antenna jack.

The DR-570T comes with:  DTMF hand mic, mounting bracket, and DC cord.

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  MB-570 Mounting bracket (as supplied). Discontinued

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