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Alinco DR-600T
144/440 MHz 45/35 W


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Alinco DR-600T

The Alinco DR-600T 2M/440 FM mobile rig lets you enjoy dual band operation at its best. It provides up to 45 watts output on 2 meters and 35 watts on 70 cm at three different power levels. There are separate knobs for volume/squelch on each band. You can even monitor both bands at once with simultaneous dual band receive. Crossband repeat is supported. You get a total of 40 memories:  28 regular, 1 call channel per band and 10 ARM (automatic repeater memory function). CTCSS encode is built in. Tuning steps:  5, 10, 12.5, 20 and 25 kHz. The back panel features separate pigtail antenna jacks for 2 meters (SO239) and 440 (N). Additionally, there are separate 8 ohm mini audio output jacks for VHF and UHF.

The DR-600T comes with:  EMS-3 DTMF hand mic, mounting bracket, and DC cord. (Shown above with optional EDC-19). The DR-600T replaced the DR-599T.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  ADUA13 PC-15 early DC mobile fused power cord. Not in stock
  EDC-19 Separation mounting it with cable (  9.9 foot 3m). Discontinued
  EDC-20 Separation mounting it with cable (16.4 foot 5m). Discontinued
  EJ-7U Tone squelch unit (for two bands). Discontinued
  EMS-3 Remote control mic with DTMF keypad [as supplied]. Discontinued

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