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Kenwood TM-201A
144 MHz Mobile

Kenwood TM-401A
440 MHz Mobile


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Kenwood TM-201A

  • 5 Memories
  • High or Low Power
  • Memory Shift
  • DTMF Mic
  • Memory Scan

The Kenwood TM-201A 2 meter mobile was designed to be the ultimate in compact size and lightweight. Frequency range is 144-148 MHz with power output selectable at 25 or 5 watts. Five memories are featured. This radio does not have a built-in speaker. Includes 8 pin, 16 key DTMF mic, mobile mounting bracket and supplied external speaker.

The Kenwood TM-401A transmits on 440 MHz with 5 or 12 watts. Receive range is 440.000 to 449.995 MHz.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  Kenwood FC10 FC-10 Frequency controller and display INFO Discontinued
  Kenwood KPS7A KPS-7A Power supply 13.8 VDC 7 Amps. VIEW Discontinued
    MC-55 Mobile mic on boom. Discontinued
    MC-48 DTMF hand mic. Discontinued
  MC60A MC-60A Deluxe desk mic with preamp (8 pin). Not in stock
  Kenwood MC-80 MC-80 A deluxe desk mic with preamp (8 pin). Discontinued
    PG-3A Line noise filter. Discontinued
    PG-2K DC power cable. Discontinued
  Kenwood PS430 PS-430 Power supply 13.8 VDC 10 Amps. Discontinued
  Kenwood SP50 SP-50B Matching mobile speaker [as supplied]. Discontinued
  Kenwood TU3 TU-3 Tone encoder. VIEW Discontinued

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