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Kenwood TM-3530A
220 MHz 25 Watt


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Discontinued Amateur Mobile Transceivers 

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Kenwood TM-3530A

  • 23 Memories
  • Scanning
  • Call Channel
  • Lithium battery backup
  • Optional VS1 Voice Synthesizer
  • Frequency Lock
  • 15 DTMF Memories
  • Auto Repeater Offset
  • Time-out Timer
  • Repeater Reverse Switch

The Kenwood TM-3530A is similar to the TM-2530A but transmits 25 or 5 watts on 220 MHz instead of 2 meters. The TM-3530A is 7.1 x 2.4 x 7.7 inches 4 lbs. (180x60x195 1.8 kg) and requires 6.5 Amps.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  CD-10 Call sign display unit. Discontinued
  MB-10 Purchase this under-dash mount for a second vehicle. Discontinued
  MC-48B DTMF Hand mic 8 pin. 500 ohm Discontinued
  MC-55 Mobile microphone with up/down 8 pin. Discontinued
  MC-60A Deluxe desk mic with preamp (8 pin). Not in stock
  MC-80 A deluxe desk mic with preamp 8 pin. Discontinued
  MU-1 Modem unit for DCL. Discontinued
  PG-2N Extra DC cable for second vehicle. Not in stock
   PG-3B Noise filter power cable. Discontinued
  PS-430 Power supply 13.8 VDC 10 Amps. Discontinued
  SP-50B External mobile speaker for improved fidelity and clarity. Discontinued
  TU-7 CTCSS Tone Encoder. Discontinued
  VS-1 Voice synthesizer unit. VIEW Discontinued

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