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Kenwood TM-941A
Tri-band 2M/440/1.2


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Discontinued Amateur Mobile Transceivers 

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Kenwood TM-941A

The Kenwood TM-941A is similar to the TM-741A. But it came with the 2 Meter and 440 MHz bands and 1200 MHz bands all built-in (not just 2 Meters and 440 MHz)! Power output is 50/10/5 watts on 2 meters, 35/10/5 watts on 440 MHz and 10/5/1 watts on 1.2 GHz. The wideband receive covers:  118-174, 438-450 and 1240-1300 MHz. There are a total of 303 memories (100 and 1 call channel per band). CTCSS encode/decode is built in. An Automatic Lock Tuning (ALT) function compensates for drift at the 1200 MHz band.

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#0000 90 D000/000 Q000/000 JP 12/17