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Kenwood TR-2200A
144 MHz 2 Watt


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Kenwood TR-2200A

The Kenwood TR-2200A is a 2 meter, 1 watt portable FM transceiver. It can operates within a 2 MHz range of 146-148 MHz. The supplied T/R channel pairs are:  146.94/146.94, 146.34/146.94, 146.52/146.52, 146.16/146.76, 146.22/146.82, 146.28/146.88 MHz. It has these 6 built-in channels and has a total capacity of 12 channels. The bottom pane features an SO239 antenna jack and Aux connector. A telescopic whip retracts into the top of the radio. The power requirement is 700 mA at 13.8 VDC (9.6-15.6 VDC). It can hold ten Ni-Cad cells via a battery door on the bottom of the unit. The TR-2200A comes with a 4 pin hand mic. 5.3 x 2.4 x 7.6 inches. 3.52 lbs.

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