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Kenwood TR-7500
144 MHz 10 Watt


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Kenwood TR-7500

  • 1750 Hz Tone Burst
  • External Tone Pad Input
  • +15 kHz Switch

The Kenwood TR-7500 is a digitally synthesized 2 meter mobile transceiver. It features a two digit LED channel display. Transmit power may be set for 1 or 10 watts. This radio supports 40 channels in the frequency range of 145.010 to 145.975 MHz. 6 x 2.375 x 9.25 inches 4.85 lbs. Requires 13.8 VDC at 3 amps.
Note: some production supports 100 channels 146.010 - 147.990 MHz.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price
  ME-3 Tone encoder Discontinued
  PS-6 External 3.5A power supply with speaker. Discontinued

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