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Icom IC-4088
Series FRS Radios

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Icom 4088

There are many cheap FRS radios now on the market. The Icom IC-4088 is not one of them. But if you are looking for a quality product with some unique features, and a wide array of accessories, then this may be the FRS radio for you. The construction quality is what you expect from Icom and this model is water resistant making it perfect for outdoor use. The 4088 has easy to use controls.

The 4088 series features built-in voice scrambling for communications privacy with other 4088 series users. This feature may be turned off to communication with regular FRS radios. There is an automatic transponder system that automatically checks the communication availability on the same channel, and alerts you with an icon on the display. This function gives you an indication of the communication range and if you are in the contact area of the person you wish to communicate with.

There is a smart ring function is used in group mode operation and manually checks the communication availability of your group members and informs you with a beep sound when a member of your group answers the call. There is also a call ring function for manually sending a ring tone instead of a voice call. Ten different ring types are available. Other advanced features include: power save, low battery indicator, automatic power off (settable from 0.5 to 2 hours) and scan. This radio came in three versions depending on charging preference. Please see version table below. Radios are sold and priced individually.

Order # Model Model Description List Price Your Price Order
   4088-15 Radio only (operates from three AA cells, not supplied) Discontinued
   4088-15 TC Radio plus BC149A trickle charger and BP-202 NiCd battery. Discontinued
   4088-15 RC Radio plus BC119N-01 rapid charger, AD-105 cup and BP-202 NiCd battery. Discontinued

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#3415 AD105 AD-  89 Charge adapter cup for BP-202 to BC-119N-01 $15.00 $2.98 Order
#1066 AD105 AD-105 Charge adapter cup for BC-119N-01 $20.00 $5.98 Order
  BC149A BC-119N-01 Desktop Drop-In Charger. (Requires AD-105 adapter cup). Discontinued
  BC149A BC-149A AC Wall Adapter 6 VDC 1000 mA. Charges BP-202 while operating radio. INFO Discontinued
  BP202 BP-202 NiCad Battery Pack 3.6V 700 mAh Discontinued
  CP18A CP-18A Cigarette Lighter Cable with voltage converter (6 VDC output) Discontinued
  HM46 HM-  46 Compact speaker mic equipped with an earphone jack and a transmit indicator. Discontinued
  HM75A HM-  75A Speaker mic allows you to remotely select operating channels, etc. Discontinued
  HM128 HM-128 Earphone and speaker microphone. Discontinued
  HM131 HM-131 Speaker Mic with earphone jack and revolving clip. Discontinued
#2178 HS51 HS-51 Headset with VOX/PTT/One-Touch PTT. $125.00 $29.98 Order
  HS85 HS-85 "Hands free" headset includes VOX (voice activated), PTT (push to talk) and one-touch PTT.
Click to view diagram.
   HS94 HS-94 Earpiece style headset only (requires VS-1). Discontinued
  HS-95 HS-95 Neck-arm style headset with boom mic (requires VS-1). VIEW Discontinued
  HS-97 HS-97 Earphone with throat mic only (requires VS-1) Discontinued
#4448 VS1 VS-1 VOX/PTT Unit (requires HS-94, HS-95 or HS-97).
Click to view system.
$44.00 $19.98 Order

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