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Discontinued Personal Communications 

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TriSquare TSX300

The TriSquare TSX300 radio is a true advancement in personal communications. It uses superior 900 MHz technology and addresses many of the shortcomings of traditional FRS radio. Plus this radio may be used for business or personal use and does not require a license! The advanced frequency hopping, spread spectrum technology gives a tremendous measure of privacy plus interference avoidance (your transmissions cannot be heard on a scanner). The display and keypad are backlit. Private or Group calling is supported. The built-in phone book stores up to 100 contacts. Ten channel NOAA weather reception is even included! Other refinements include:  Silent mode, Roger-Beep (on or off), battery level meter and keypad lock.

Operation is from the supplied NiMH battery or you may use three simple AA cells (not supplied). 2.25 x 5.875 x 1.375 inches 4 ounces (without battery). As with any VHF/UHF radio, range is highly variable depending on physical and environmental conditions.

This special TriSquare TSX300-2VP Value Pack provides 2 radios plus the accessories you need. You get:
   2 - TSX300 Radios
   2 - TSX-BP NiMH Battery Packs (4.8V 750mAh)
   2 - Headsets with boom mics
   1 - Dual Drop-In Desktop Charger

  • Caller ID and Call Waiting
  • Vibrate Call Alert
  • Text Messaging
  • Private or Group Calling
  • Frequency Hopping - Spread Spectrum
  • 10 Billion Channels for Privacy
  • VOX (hands-free operation)
  • Backlit LCD and Keypad

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