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Midland GXT760VP4


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Discontinued FRS/GMRS 

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Midland GXT760

The Midland GXT760VP4 value-pack offers a wide talk range at a great price. These powerful radios are sold in pairs and boast a potential range of 36 miles. The normal day-to-day range will be considerably less based on buildings, trees and other obstacles. These are 42 channel radios of which 14 are FRS channels. Making them fully compatible with other GMRS and FRS radios.

There radios are water resistant for outdoor use and have jacks for included boom sets. A high-medium-low power function saves batteries. Other advanced features include a baclit LCD, eVOX - Easy Voice Activation for hands free operation, vibrate, channel scan and keypad lock. It has 142 privacy codes. It even has a vibrate alert function. The 7 US and 3 Canadian NOAA weather channels may also be received. Comes with battery clip and a ear-fitted boom-type earphone/mic. This system includes Ni-MH batteries for each radio plus a dual drop-in charger. A single auto DC power cord is also included. Each radio may also be operated on four AA cells (not supplied). Three year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Operation on the FRS channels does not require a license. If you operate on the higher power GMRS channels a license is required for legal operation of this radio ($85.00/5 years). You can apply on-line at the FCC website.

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