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Bencher ZA-1A


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  Bencher ZA-1A

The Bencher ZA-1A 1:1 balun lets your antenna radiate - not your coax! Most antennas, such as dipoles, inverted vees, quads & yagis are designed to be balanced radiators. So, coaxial cables or other unbalanced feed lines are not fully effective in driving these antennas directly. Often the coax shield itself will radiate in trying to simulate a balanced condition, but this radiation is more likely to go into trees, gutters, TV antennas, etc., instead of the ionosphere. Because the Bencher Balun converts unbalanced coax to a balanced feed, the antenna is properly driven and your power is radiated by the antenna, not the feed line.

The ZA-1A works with antenna tuners and may be used with antenna tuners when antenna and rig are on the appropriate band. It will handle 1500 watts power 3.5-30 MHz.

This balun accepts 1/4 inch nylon support rope (not supplied) for inverted Vees, etc. Heavy #8 brass studs for RF connection. Plated pure copper solder terminals. High-impact Cycolac© custom case with special anti-UV formulation for long life outside.

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