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The SWL IR Remote IR-IC is a basic control unit that uses some of the most common commands used in the ICOM CI-V interface. All of the features of your particular radio may not operate with this version of our SWL IR Remote, and some of the commands from the remote may not be implemented in your radio. There is no problem if the command is not implemented in your radio. The SWL IR Remote LED indicates with a slow blink if the radio responds with a NAK and will continue operation. The unit will never hang up or get stuck. A NAK response usually indicates that the command is not implemented or the command parameters are out of range. If your radio's frequency range ends at 30 MHz and you enter a frequency of 31 MHz the radio will NAK the command.

The transceivers that will operate with the SWL IR Remote include:  703, 706, 706MkII, 706MkIIG, 707, 718, 725, 726, 728, 729, 735, 736, 737, 738, 7400, 746, 746Pro, 751A, 756, 756Pro, 756PorII, 756ProIII, 761, 765, 775DSP, 7800, 781, 821H, 910H. It can also be used with the R75 receiver if you are just looking for basic control.

Please carefully note that this device requires a "Universal TV Remote" available at Best Buy, Kohls, Radio Shack, etc.

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