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Maha MH-C777+2
Universal Charger


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The Maha MH-C777+2 Universal Charger Analyzer will charge nearly any Lithium ion, NiMH and NiCad battery pack for your ham radio, cell phone or cam corder. The floating contact pin system enables you to move the charging contacts from left to right and from top to bottom to charge almost any shape of battery packs.

This device will analyze and condition battery packs plus display capacity. The display shows digital voltage, time and capacity during both charge and discharge. See screen samples below. It supports 1.2 to 14.4 (1 to 12 cells) for NiMH and NiCd. It supports from 3.6 to 14.4 for Lithium ion. It comes with a light weight travel switching AC adapter and a car kit.

This new Version 2 has two improvements over the previous MHC777+:
Analyze (Discharge Only Function) the battery pack to obtain the discharged capacity of a battery pack, which is retained on the screen until the reset button is pressed.
One-Touch Reset Button allows the user to reset the charger without having to disconnect power from the charger.

Click here to view Owner's Manual (PDF format 85K).

Discharge Screen Charge Screen

Order # Item Description Price Order
#0198 MHS-DC777 Car kit: Cigar lighter power cable. [as supplied] $3.98 Order

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