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USB Controller

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The West Mountain Radio RigTalk rig control interface does everything the Icom CT-17 does for about 1/3 the price and without the requirement for a serial port. It provides a USB interface for CAT and CI-V Radios. You can use any rig control and Logging Software that is compatible with your computer and radio. The RigTalk is perfect if you have no serial port. It includes CD-ROM for Plug & Play installation. The CD also includes an Owners Manual and a collection of third party rig control and logging software. The RigTalk RT1 has no cable supplied. You must order the appropriate cable below. This device is NOT for RS232 DB9 controlled radios.

Although the no-cable version is no longer available from Universal we do offer three versions that include the cable, as well as some separate cables:
  RigTalk RT1/DB9 for radios with RS-232 DB9 port.
  RigTalk RT1/CAT6 for some older Yaesu CAT radios with 6 pin DIN.
  RigTalk RT1/CAT for some Yaesu CAT radios with 6 pin mini DIN.


Order # Item Description Price Order
   RIG CONT C Icom/Ten-Tec VI-V Rig control cable.
(Formerly called CIV/CBL).
#4799 CATMINI/CBL Yaesu TTL CAT control cable. FT100/100D/817/857/897. $7.98 Order
#3210 CAT/6D/CBL Yaesu TTL CAT control cable. FT736/747/767/980/990/1000/1000D. $9.98 Order

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