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  On air sign

The Nationwide ON AIR sign features nearly two inch letters that shine bright via the six noise free, replaceable incandescent lamps. When the sign is not actuated, the letters are nearly invisible. The internal printed wiring board contains an electronic circuit to remotely trigger the sign's lamps on transmit. The Smart Sense circuit will turn on the lamps during either of the two following conditions:
1. The RCA phono plug wires are shorted together (this method is the same way would interface a linear amplifier).
2. A positive 12 volt DC (10-14 volt) is applied to the RCA phono jack's center pin. The minimum current required from the radio for this control signal is 5 ma. This method uses the 13.8 VDC on transmit feature that is found on most transceivers with a Remote or Accessory jack. In some applications it may be necessary to use a diode in-line to prevent the Smart Sense circuit from actuating due to the near ground resistance these circuits present. The manufacturer thoughtfully provides an inline diode adapter as well as an RCA jumper cord to facilitate connection to your rig.

Size: 7.25 x 3.5 x 2 inches. 1.5 lbs. Oak finish. The 110 VAC AC wall adapter is included (it provides 13.8 VDC). Ninety day manufacturer's limited warranty. Made in America. (The Black version of this sign is no longer available).

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