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Digital Voice and
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ARD9900 Digital Voice and Image Interface

The AOR ARD9900 Digital Voice and Image Interface is a commercial, government, export version of the ARD-9800. Unlike the ARD9800, the ARD9900 features sophisticated voice encryption. This device uses the same audio frequencies (300 - 2500 Hz) as microphone audio. You keep your ability to communicate in conventional analog mode as you can easily shift between digital and analog operation. No rig modifications are required. You simply make connection to your transceiver's mic input and speaker output. [Note: you will have to construct a cable into your radio's mic jack].

View the images through any NTSC monitor [not supplied] that has video input. Requires 12 VDC at 200 ma. Comes with hand mic, cables and manual. Click here to view larger

Special Note:
This special order item was restricted to government or export customers.

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