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RPF Talksafe Ranger

The RPF TalkSafe Ranger is a Bluetooth interface for your HT!

The TalkSafe Ranger can be used with many HT models. It works with standard off-the-shelf Bluetooth headsets (not supplied). This gives the PTT function via the call pick-up/call drop button. A radio specific microphone cable is required and sold separately (listed below).

Order # Item Description Price Order
#5138 TS-062-836 TalkSafe Ranger cable for: Yaesu VX7R (3.5mm 4 pole with thread, straight connector). $14.98
  TS-062-837 TalkSafe Ranger cable for: Kenwood commercial HTs. Discontinued
  TS-062-838 TalkSafe Ranger cable for Yaesu: VX1R, 2R, 3R, 5R, 10, 110, 130, 131, 132, 150, 160, 180, 210, 210A, 300, 400, 410, 420 and FT10R, 40R, 50R, 60R (3.5mm 4 pole Right Angle connector). Discontinued
  TS-062-842 TalkSafe Ranger cable for: Alinco DJV5, Icom F/S, F4/S/TR, F10, T3H, 4008, 4088A (2.5mm Mono, 3.5mm Mono Straight connector. Distance between pins - 10mm). Discontinued
#2857 TS-062-839 TalkSafe Ranger cable for: Alinco (most models). $14.98

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