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ARD9000 MkII


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ARD9000 Specifications


Modulation Method: OFDM (Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing)
Bandwidth: 300 Hz to 2500 Hz, 36 carriers
Symbol Rate: 20 ms (50 baud)
Guard Interval: 4 ms
Tone Steps: 62.5 Hz
Modulation Method: 36 carriers DQPSK (3.6k)
AFC: ± 125 Hz
Error Correction: Golay + Hamming
Header: 0.5-2 Sec. 3 tones + BPSK training pattern for synchronization.
Digital Voice Chip: AMBE2020 coder, decoder
Signal Detection: Automatic detection and switching between analog and mode and digital mode.
Power Requirement: 10 to 16 V DC (100 ma at 12 V DC)
Connectors: Radio: Mic/Sp, Radio, DC-In, SP-In, SP-Out
Size: 70x33x98 mm 350 g
  Specifications are subject to change.

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