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Ameco HP75T
High Pass Filter
75 Ohm


Ameco HP300T
High Pass Filter
300 Ohm

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Ameco HP75T

The Ameco HP-75T high pass filter is designed stop TV, FM, VCR interference from amateur radio, pagers, CB and other RF sources. This model is for all antenna and cable systems using 75 own coaxial cable. This filter uses five shielded sections and 17 elements to provide 70 dB attenuation below 50 MHz. It has a very sharp cut-off at 52 MHz. A six inch F to F coax jumper cable included. It simply attaches in-line to your TV set's antenna input. The HP-75T is shown above.

The Ameco HP-300T is the same filter, but designed for those using 300 ohm TV twin-lead rather than coax. It features screw inputs and a short 300 ohm twin-lead jumper. VIEW.


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