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DC Coaxial
Line Isolator

SGC #54-70


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The SGC Coaxial Line Isolator allows up to 25 VDC @ 1.5 Amp to be supplied more than 150 feet via the RF transmission line to provide DC power to antenna couplers, antenna switches, pre-amplifiers or other DC powered equipment at the antenna end of the line, eliminating need of separate power cables to supply these devices. This compact unit measures 3 x 2 x 1.6 inches. Two isolators are required per installation.

Broadband Isolators provides better than 80 dB isolation between the RF power on the coaxial feedline and DC power being remotely supplied on the same coaxial line. RF In/Out to DC port isolation:
Better than 80 dB, 1.5 MHz thru 30 MHz
Better than 70 dB, 30 MHz thru 50 MHz
Better than 40 dB thru and exceeding 250 MHz

RG-213 coaxial cable is recommended for distances over 100 feet. Power supply for remoted equipment, not supplied. The price indicated is for two units as required for each installation.

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