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Maha MH-C777
Universal Charger


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The Maha MH-C777 Universal Charger Conditioner will charge nearly all of your amateur radio battery packs. The MH-C777 will also discharge and condition your batteries to extend their cycle life. It utilizes the latest -dV and dT detections. A free car adapter is included so you can also use this handy device in your car. You can charge 4.8 - 9.6 volt batteries in the car or 4.8 - 12 volt batteries while at home.

The on-board microprocessor and temperature sensor avoids over charging your battery pack. The LEDs show you the progress and completion of charge. This is a clever and versatile device. Click here for side view. Click here to view functional diagram.

Maha also offers an optional MHS-CW4 clip lead cable for odd sized batteries. Click here for MHS-CW4 information.

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