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Universal Charger


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The Maha MH-C888 Universal Charger Conditioner provides rapid charging of Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride battery packs ranging from 4.8 to 12 volts. A digital LCD display with charging progress indication keeps you informed of the charge. The FLEX Negative Pulse technique is used. This device has a built-in switching power supply for home or work. There is also a 12 VDC feature for mobile use (Note: when using a 12 VDC vehicular power supply, only up to 9.6V battery packs can be charged). There is also an optional, external charging bed called the MHS-C800U which may be purchased for charging odd-size batteries.

The MH-C888 will charge many battery packs with the appropriate optional cup (see below).
The charger is discontinued, but we still have a few of the optional cups and DC charge kit available.

MHS-C801 Cup For:
Icom 2SAT/3SAT/4SAT/W31/W32 Z1A
Kenwood TH22/42/77AT/79
Standard C158/228/528
Yaesu FT10/40/50R
Order #0000 Discontinued

MHS-C802 Cup For:
Icom 02AT/2AT/H6,
Kenwood TH24/48/78,
Radio Shack HTX202-404,
Yaesu FT-23R/470/530
Order #0000 Discontinued

MHS-C803 Cup For:
Kenwood TH-G71A/D7
Order #0000 Discontinued

MHS-C804 Cup For:
Order #0000 Discontinued

MHS-C805 Cup For:
Yaesu FT11/41/51R
Order #0000 Discontinued

MHS-C806 Cup For:
Alinco DJ-180/190/191/195T/196/280/480/580/582
Alinco DJ-F1/F4/V5T/V5H
Order #0000 Discontinued

MHS-C807 Cup For:
Vertex VX110/150
Order #4575 $3.98 Order

Order # Item Description Price Order
#0198 MHS-DC777 Car kit: Cigar lighter power cable. $3.98 Order

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