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Drake Panel Reproductions

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Drake front panel

These Drake front panel reproductions are produced to exacting standards. They are laser cut anodised aluminum, inked with true to Drake colors with baked-on enamel ink. Restore those scratched, faded or smoke-yellowed original panels with these new, crisp reproduction front panels. Give your Drake radio a true face-lift. These beautiful panels are made right here in Ohio, but not by R.L. Drake. Supply is limited.

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
  Drake R4B front panel R4B Front panel for Drake R4B VIEW Discontinued
  Drake R4C front panel R4C Front panel for Drake R4C Discontinued
  Drake SPR4 front panel SPR4 Front panel for Drake SPR4 VIEW Discontinued
  Drake T4XB front panel T4XB Front panel for Drake T4XB Discontinued
  Drake T4XC front panel T4XC Front panel for Drake T4XC Discontinued
  Drake TR4C front panel TR4C Front panel for Drake TR4C Discontinued
  Drake TR4CW front panel TR4CW Front panel for Drake TR4CW. Discontinued
  Drake TR6 front panel TR6 Front panel for Drake TR6. VIEW Discontinued

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
   Drake MS4 Tag MS4 Front panel plate only for Drake MS4 VIEW Discontinued

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