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AvMap G5
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  AvMap G5

The AvMap G5 car navigator is your smart driving assistant for your business and leisure trips throughout North America. The unit comes preloaded with highly detailed Teleatlas street maps of North America on a 2 GB SD card and gives you color 2D and 3D views with turn by turn voice prompts in 14 different languages. The AvMap G5 is practical and easy to use with a built-in highly sensitive 20 channel Sirf 3 GPS engine for fast and highly accurate fix. The ultra bright, non-glaring, 5 inch, TFT TOUCHSCREEN is easy to view. The G5 night mode and auto brightness features make viewing easy and hassle-free in any lighting condition.

Working in conjunction with Kenwood-USA, the G5 is your out of the box solution for APRS© operations. Watch APRS activity right on the screen and you can distinguish between fixed and mobile APRS stations. You can even set the G5 to navigate to your favorite APRS station and get rerouting instructions when the new position is reported! Included with the G5 is a Kenwood-ready cable and exclusive APRS interface built right into the G5. This bi-directional RS-232 APRS interface is compatible with ALL current APRS ready Kenwood Radios including the TH-D7AG, TM-D700A and TM-D710A.

Other features include:  detachable 12v power cable, bi-directional NMEA 183 serial port, external antenna port, NTSC/PAL video and audio input, PC connection for software updates via USB port, off road, fastest route, and least turns calculations with turn details. Routing instructions include current road name and house number with road name and the next turn command. “Drive Me Home” rapid command. Improved intuitive touch screen address lookup with millions of points-of-interest. The downloadable Avmap POI loader allows you to load your custom OV2 format POI’s. The G5 is a great stand alone Navigator first, but added APRS features make the AvMap G5 the ultimate out of the box solution for mobile APRS activity. The AvMap G5 will replaced the G6.

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