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The LDG ALK-2 is a great gadget if you have more than one radio. The ALK-2 is a switch box for speakers, keying lines, ALC lines or whatever you need. On the rear panel it has two switched and one common set of jacks in the back: 1/8th inch stereo and RCA jacks in parallel. On the front, a push-in/push-out selects the port, and an LED lights to indicate the selection. For instance, you can switch one speaker between two radios, or two radios between one speaker. It makes switching speakers or keys a breeze, letting you use whichever rig you need it when you need it. You can even pre-set it, and remote control it by switching the 12 volt dc on and off from a distance. Maximum switching current is 1 Amp per circuit, 32 V. Requires 12 volts DC at 100 ma.

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