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Sound Card Interface

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The MFJ-1275 connects you transceiver to your computer's sound card for operation of PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, PACKET, AMTOR, CW, HSCW meteor scatter, contest voice keying and other modes that require a sound card. No more unplugging or manual switching for operating different modes with one radio. A PSK/Bypass switch lets you choose normal operation or digital mode. In bypass mode, your MFJ-1275 provides normal station operation with microphone audio, PTT, and VOX. In PSK mode, microphone audio and PTT can be interrupted at anytime. This is great for SSTV or Voice keyer. The sound card line input switch allows switching of sound card audio input between the interface box and another audio source.

Audio isolation transformers and relay eliminate ground loops, audio hum, noise and distortion. Other features include: VOX control, serial port, level controls, stereo or mono input. Internal jumpers program the mic wiring for different brands of radio.
This MFJ-1275 is for the standard 8 pin round mic plug.

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