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ATC Fuses

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The ATC Fuse is commonly used in vehicles and also on power strips such as the RigRunner.
They are sold below in packages of ten (10).

Order # Photo Item Description Color Your Price Order
  ATC-3 ATC-  3 Package of 10
  3 Amp ATC fuses.
Pink Discontinued
  ATC-5 ATC-  5 Package of 10
  5 Amp ATC fuses.
Orange Discontinued
  ATC-10 ATC-10 Package of 10
10 Amp ATC fuses.
Red Discontinued
#1904 ATC-15 ATC-15 Package of 10
15 Amp ATC fuses.
Blue   $2.98 Order
#1653 ATC-20 ATC-20 Package of 10
20 Amp ATC fuses.
Yellow   $2.98 Order
  ATC-25 ATC-25 Package of 10
25 Amp ATC fuses.
Clear Discontinued
  ATC-30 ATC-30 Package of 10
30 Amp ATC fuses.
Green Discontinued
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