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Diamond MAY1000
Portable Beam Antenna


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The Diamond MAY1000 is a portable, two element, yagi beam antenna. It is a useful antenna for a variety of direction finding applications. Its frequency coverage is adjustable from 120-500 MHz. A frequency characteristic chart and tape measure are included. This antenna may also be used for transmit with up to 10 watts. The total length is 20.5 inches. The element length is adjustable from 11.4 to 51.5 inches. Space between elements is 4.75 to 13.75 inches. The bottom section of each element can be folded in for storage. The box that it comes in has a plastic carry handle.

This antenna terminates to a 50 ohm, 39 inch coaxial cable with BNC male plug.

For a complete review of this antenna please see CQ Magazine January 2006.

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