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2M/440 Antenna [PL259]

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The MFJ-1717PL "back-of-radio" antenna plugs into your 2 Meter/440 MHz mobile or base rig in your shack. Fold antenna vertically and you're ready to operate -- no more coax tangles, finding a place to put a magnet mount or putting up an outside antenna. It may not be a ten element yagi but it'll get you out in a hurry! Use with your rig on your desk at home, testing used gear at hamfests, as an efficient mobile fold-over antenna with gain, hamfest talk-ins, etc. The MFJ-1717PL is a foldover dual band flexi-duck antenna with a quality PL-259 connector. It gives you a hearty 2.15 dBi gain on 440 MHz and is a full size 1/4 Wave on 2 Meters. It's factory tuned for minimum SWR.

High-Q, low loss construction. 16 1/2 inches. Hard plastic protective safety tip. Radiator is protected by a durable synthetic rubber compound. Click here to view swival.

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