Princeton 1730
J-Pole 2 Meter Antennas

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PRI 1730

The Princeton PRI 1730 series is your solution for a stow and go antenna for 2 meters. Each antenna is made from 300 ohm ladder line with 6 feet of RG-58A/U coax cable. The length is about 10.5 feet. It is constructed as what is commonly known as a "J pole". It is a 1/2 wave radiator and requires no ground radials. This makes it the perfect "stow and go" antenna for any field or portable operation. It is also a great option for fixed stations that cannot have external antennas. Just attach it to the wall or ceiling with a thumb tack and you are on the air! These antennas work well with any 2 meter mobile radio and power supply for use at home! Maximum power is 75 watts (tested 45 minutes continuous). Model PRI 1730/U is shown above.

Model Band Power Connector Order # Your Price Order
PRI 1730/U 2 Meters 75 watts PL-259 #1073 $29.95
PRI 1730/B 2 Meters 75 watts BNC #2988 $29.95
PRI 1730/S 2 Meters 75 watts SMA #5693 $29.95

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