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Comet HFJ-350M
9 Band HF+6m Antenna

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Amateur HF Antennas 
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Comet HFJ-350M

The HFJ-350M provides the ultimate in portability for major ham bands 80 through 6 meters.
The amazing 3-piece design disassembles to under 10 inches.
It covers the 3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 and 50 MHz bands.
Maximum power is 75 Watts SSB on 80 meters and 100 Watts SSB on 40 through 6 meters.
Band selection is made by positioning the supplied jumper cable.
This antennas requires a counterpoise and antenna tuner
Black color. The HFJ-350M antenna terminates to a PL-259 [M].
Extends 63.4 inches (1610mm) and collapses to 14.6 inches (370mm).

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