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  Arrow Antenna 147/437-10WBP

Can you work an amateur satellite with an HT? Yes you can with the Arrow 146/437-10WBPsatellite antenna! The boom is 3/4 inch aluminum with rounded corners. It is 37 1/2 inches long. On this "split" version the longest piece is 22 inches. Weight is only 20 ounces. Has black foam grip for easy holding. Under the foam grip, the boom is drilled and taped for 1/4 x 20 for most camera tripods.

It features preset dual gamma match. Your radio has only one BNC connector. The antenna has two. Therefore, this configuration includes the 10 watt maximum duplexer and also has the coax cables to connect your radio to the antenna. This duplexer allows you to hear the down link while you are transmitting. This antenna is suitable for use with AO-51, AO-27, PCSAT2 satellites and the ISS. It can also be used with radios like the Yaesu FT-817 for SSB satellites such as FO-20 and VUSat. Contact for current satellites schedules and oribital elements.

Arrow formerly offered an optional carry bag, but it is no longer available.

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