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Comet BNC24
2M/440 HT Antenna

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Comet SMA24
2M/440 HT Antenna

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Comet SMA24J
2M/440 HT Antenna

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Amateur HT Antennas 
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The Comet BNC24 is an HT antenna for 2 meters and 440 MHz. It is 17 inches tall and is very thin and flexible. Gain is a 2.15/5.3 dBi and can handle up to 20 watts. VSWR: < 1.5:1. 50 ohm. Black color. This antenna terminates to a BNC, and is shown left.

The Comet SMA24 is the same as the BNC24 but the SMA24 terminates to an SMA (not shown).

The Comet SMA24J is the same as the SMA24 but, terminates to a female SMA to fit certain Wouxun HTs such as the KG-UVD1P/440 or KG-UV3D-2/420-520 require.

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