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Comet HB05/HS05/HMO5
Adapter Cables

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The Comet HS05 solves a problem that started the day they began to use SMA connectors on HTs. How do you safely connect a PL-259 antenna lead to an HT with an SMA jack? If you use one or more adapters you may stress the SMA jack. The HS05 is a special 18 inch RG-174A/U coaxial jumper cable with an SO239 at one end and an SMA-male at the other. The HS05 cable provides an easy, safe connection for your PL259 lead-in to the SMA jack on your HT.

The other Comet jumper cables below provide for the safe connection of PL-259 antenna to HTs with BNC jacks and also reverse SMA [SMA-J] jacks.

Order # Photo Item Description Length Price Order
#4454 HB05 HS05 SO-239 to SMA coaxial cable 18 inches (0.5 m) $13.95
#4619   HS10 SO-239 to SMA coaxial cable 39 inches (1.0 m) $16.95
#4739 SRJ77CA HMO5JSJ SO-239 to SMA female coaxial cable 18 inches (0.5 m) $14.95
#4567   HM05 SO-239 to BNC coaxial cable 18 inches (0.5 m) $11.95
#2985 HB05 HB05 BNC female to SMA male coaxial cable 18 inches (0.5 m) $11.95

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