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Diamond SRH-940
HT Antenna

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Amateur HT Antennas 
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The Diamond SRH-940 is a tri-band HT antenna for 6 meters, 2 meters and 430 MHz. It is 18 inches (45 cm) tall and weighs only 2 ounces (44 g). This flexible antenna is black. This 50 ohm antenna can handle up to 10 watts.

The SRH940 is a 1/4 wave on 6 and 2 meters and a 1/2 wave on 430 MHz. This antenna terminates to a 50 ohm SMA. It is also suitable for wideband receivers which feature an SMA connector.

It is also optimized for receive on AM, FM, Air band, 150, 300, 450 and 900 MHz for receiving only. Made in Japan.

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