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Discontinued Amateur Portable & HT Antennas  
Comet CHF-412 & CHF-816 Tri-band Antennas BNC/BNC
Diamond MAY1000 Portable Beam Antenna BNC
RH951S 2M/440/1.2 GHz Antenna BNC
Icom AH-703 40/20/15/10/6M QRP Antenna
Larsen KD4-136ST 2M HT Antenna BNC
KD4-146 2M HT Antenna BNC
Maldol AH-14 & AH-28 FT-817 HF Antennas BNC
AH-510R 6M/2M/440 Antenna BNC
MH-511 6M/2M/440 Antenna SMA
AS-25 2M/440 Antenna SMA
MH-510 6M/2M/440 Antenna SMA
MH-610 2M/220/440 Antenna SMA
Miracle Antenna Ducker TL HF/VHF/UHF QRP Whip Antenna
Miracle Whip HF/VHF/UHF QRP Whip Antenna
S-Antenna YP-3 Portable Yagi 20/15/17/12/10/6 Meter
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