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Diamond MV-3A
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Discontinued Amateur Mobile Antennas 
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The Diamond MV-3A is a mobile antenna system with up to four band capability. The bands supplied are 10 meters, 6 meters (52-54 MHz) and 2 meters. A fourth band may be added with one of the optional coil elements (shown in photo) listed below.

The MV-3A is ideal for users of Icom IC706 and IC706MKII. The optional Diamond MX62M duplexer couples HF/VHF outputs to a single coaxial connection. Unlike other multi-band antennas, the MV-3A has no moving of connections, switches, jumpers, etc. The fold over feature allows for easy access into low overhead buildings.

Power handling (P.E.P.) is 120 watts HF and 200 watts VHF. SWR is 1.5:1 nominal. The mount connection is UHF (PO). This antenna is 57 inches high and does not include mount or coax. This antenna is not recommended for magnet mounts. For best performance direct grounding is required. Suggested mounts included the Diamond K400C or K600M.

The MV-3A has been discontinued and replaced by the HV7A. The options below are still available.

Order # Model Description List Price Your Price Order
#0723 HVC-  7 40 Meter Coil Element $44.95 $41.95
#1708 HVC-14 20 Meter Coil Element $37.95 $33.95
#0056 HVC-18 17 Meter Coil Element $37.95 $33.95
#0622 HVC-21 15 Meter Coil Element $37.95 $34.95
#2072 K-400C Black trunk-lip mount with 6 feet of RG316 coax to (unattached) PL-259. $73.95 $69.95
#2408 K-600M Black trunk-lip tilt mount (for hatch-backs) with 6 feet of RG316 coax to (unattached) PL-259. $59.95 $54.95

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