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Hustler CGT-144
Mobile 2 Meter Antenna

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 Hustler CGT-144

The Hustler CGT-144 is a 2 meter collinear mobile antenna providing a big 5.2 dB gain with an optimum low-angle radiation pattern. This antenna can handle up to 200 watts. The SWR is 1:15:1 at resonance and the bandwidth is 6 MHz (@a.5:1 SWR). This antenna terminates to a trunk lip mount. This adjustable mount features a 180 ° swivel ball for vertical positioning. 17 feet of RG-58U coax cable terminating in a PL-259 is included. There is a convenient coax cable disconnect a few inches from the trunk lip mount (Motorola male to Motorola female).

This large antenna is 7.16 feet (2.2 m) high. 3.4 lbs. Made in the USA.
Click here to view the Hustler CG-144 which is the antenna element only.

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