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Comet WS-1M
Window Mount


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Comet WS1M

The Comet WS-1M is a heavy-duty window mount that will hold a gain antenna under 40 inches (1 m) in height. It slips over the edge of either a roll-up or pop-put window. Two suction cups hold the bracket and coax snuggly to the window. The problem with most window mounts is they have a BNC connectors for 1/4 wave rubber duck. A 1/4 wave must be grounded to work well. The WS-1M will hold a 1/2 wave antenna, which is independent of the ground plane. It has adjustments for height and angle and has Comet's two-step cable assembly. It is ideal for non-metal cards, rental cars and company vehicles. Includes rain cap and Allen wrench.

Special Note:
The WS1M will not work on car or truck windows that have an extra rubber gasket cemented around the perimeter of the window glass. This prevents the mount from sliding down all the way. Plastic window shades may also preclude proper mounting.


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