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Maldol HMC-6S
Mobile Antenna


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The Maldol HMC-6S multi-band 20/15/10/6/2M/70cm mobile antenna is now available to complement the new multi-band HF/VHF/UHF radios that have recently been introduced.

The HMC-6S mobile antenna is designed to offer the least amount of wind resistance possible. The height is only 68 inches and all of the coils are vertically oriented; no coils stick out horizontally from the side! 6M/2M/70cm are all pre-tuned. The user tunes the HF bands independently for best SWR.

The HMC-6S is an inexpensive six band antenna. The main antenna mast is tuned for constant operation on 15/10/6/2M/70cm. A 20 meter coil is attached to the top of the main mast but can be removed and replaced with the optional HMC-7 40 meter coil (see options below).

The base has a standard PL-259 connector and is easily mounted using a standard heavy-duty trunk lip or hatch/door mount like the CP-5M or the RS-730 mount and coax cable assembly of your choice. The base of the mast has a convenient fold-over hinge for entering garages or other low clearance structures. Another benefit to the HMC-6S is the gain provided by being a wave on 2M and two 5/8 waves in phase on 70cm. The screw-driver type antennas are only waves on VHF and UHF with no gain.

Mount and coax   supplied.

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  HMC-7 Optional 40 Meter Coil Element Discontinued

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