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Comet UHV-6
Mobile Antenna

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comet logo UHV-6

The Comet UHV-6 is Comet's 3rd generation HF - UHF mobile antenna and it's the best! Without the HF coils attached, the UHV-6 is a tribander for 6M/2M/70cm. The top of the element has a threaded socket for attaching either the 40M, 15M or 10M coil that comes with it making the UHV-6 a quad-band antenna! Want more HF bands? Simply add an additional 1 or 2 HF coils horizontally using the threaded sockets in the ring around the top of the element! Purchase the optional elements for 80 meters (L-3.5), 20 meters (L-14) or 17 meters (L-18) as shown below. Each HF coil tunes independently to the part of the band you want to operate.
2:1 VSWR bandwidth is approximately:
40M   23 kHz
20M   55 kHz
17M   75 kHz
15M 100 kHz
10M 400 kHz

Unlike the screwdriver antennas that are expensive and difficult to mount, the UHV-6 is easy. If you have an existing antenna on your vehicle that has a sturdy mount with an SO-239 connector, simply take it off and put the UHV-6 on! You are on the air! AND, the UHV-6 is a wave on 2M: 2.15dBi gain over a wave and it's 2 5/8 waves in phase on 70cm: 5.5dBi gain.

The fold-over hinge on the UHV-6 is a strong hinge protected by a threaded collar. Unscrew the collar and lift it up to expose the hinge, very convenient when entering garages, parking structures, drive-thru's, etc.

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   L-  3.5 80 Meter Coil Element Discontinued
   L-14 20 Meter Coil Element Discontinued
  L-18 17 Meter Coil Element Discontinued

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