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Hustler MX-2
Mobile 2M Antenna

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Hustler MX-2B
Mobile 2M Antenna
All Black

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 Hustler MX-2B

The Hustler MX-2 is a quality 2 meter 5/8 wave mobile antenna providing 3.4 dB gain. The MX-2 features a low-loss NMO type magnetic mount. This antenna can handle up to 200 watts. 17 feet of RG58 coax cable to a PL-259 plug is supplied.

This antenna is approximately 55 inches (1.3 m) high. The base coil is black and the whip is silver.

The Hustler MX-2B is identical, but with all parts (including the whip element) being black. This antenna is shown on the left.


NOTE: We also carry the replacement whip element for the MX-2B. Click here for INFO.

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