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Diamond K9000LRM
Motorized Luggage Rack Mount

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Diamond K9000LRM Mount

The Diamond K9000LRM raises and lower your antenna with a touch of the button. This mount attaches to many luggage racks. This mount accepts "Ground Independent" antennas up to 45 inches in length. It has a 0 to 90 degree range and operates from 12VDC with supplied fused cigarette plug. It includes a 20 foot power cable to a switch. It is compatible with Diamond C-series base/cable assemblies. Recommended Diamond antennas include:  NR73BNMO, NR770HNMO, NR770HBNMO, NR770HA, NR770HB, SG7500A and SG7500NMO.

Please note that this item does not include the antenna, antenna mount or coax cable.

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