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2M/440 Mobile Ant.
UHF (PO) Mount

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2M/440 Mobile Ant.
NMO Mount

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List Price:   $46.95
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Amateur Mobile Antennas 
Diamond SS-680SB logo

The Comet SS680SB is an 2 meter and 440 MHz (70 cm) mobile antenna. It provides 2.15 dBi gain on 2 meters and and 4.15 dBi on 440 MHz. This antenna can handle up to 80 watts. The VSWR is less than 1.5:1. Receive range is 100-170 and 350-470 MHz. Includes Allen wrench for adjustments.

This antenna is 26.75 inches high. Black color. The connector type is UHF (for PO mount). This antenna does not include the mount or coax.

The Comet SS680SBNMO (not shown) is the same antenna, but accepts an NMO mount.

Both versions feature a built-in spring. Neither version includes the mount or coax.

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