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Amateur Base Antennas 

Arrow CR 146/440 Corner Reflector 2m/70cm
GP   52 Vertical 6m
GP 146 Vertical 2m
GP 146/440 Vertical 2m/70cm
OSJ 146/440 Vertical 2m/70cm
Chameleon V  2L Vertical 80m-70cm
MIL Vertical 10m-6m
HYBRID Fixed Vehicular 160m-6m
HYBRID-MICRO Fixed Portable 160m-6m
HYBRID-MINI Fixed Portable 160m-6m
MPAS Portable 160m-6m
Comet CHA250B Vertical 80-6m
CHV-5X Rotatable Dipole 40/20/15/10/6m
GP  1 Vertical 2m/70cm
GP  3 Vertical 2m/70cm
GP  6 Vertical 2m/70cm
GP  9 Vertical 2m/70cm
GP15 Vertical 6m/2m/70cm
GP21 Vertical 1.2 GHz
GP98 Vertical 2m/70cm/1.2GHz
H422 Rotatable Dipole 40/20/15/10m
COMPACtenna 6M Veh 50-54 MHz Antenna
28-450 & 27-450 (27-27.4) 28-29.7/50-54/144-148/219-225/420-450 MHz Antenna
6m/2m/440 6m, 2m and 440 MHz Antenna
10m/2m/440 10m, 2m and 440 MHz Antenna
20m/2m/440 20m, 2m and 440 MHz Antenna
Cushcraft Beam Antenna Chart & Index
Vertical Antenna Chart & Index
Diamond A144-S5 Yagi Beam 2m
A502HB Yagi Beam 6m
BB7V Vertical HF
F  22A Vertical 2m
F  23H Vertical 2m
F718A Vertical 70cm
V2000A Vertical 6m/2m/70cm
X    30A Vertical 2m/70cm
X    50A Vertical 2m/70cm
X  200A Vertical 2m/70cm
X  300A Vertical 2m/70cm
X  700HNA Vertical 2m/70cm
X  510HDM/510HN Vertical 2m/70cm
X3200A Vertical 2m/220/70cm
X6000A Vertical 2m/70cm/23cm
Elk Antennas 2M/440LP5 Log Periodic 2m/70cm
Gap Eagle DX HF Vertical 40/20/17/15/12/10 Meters
Mounts Quick Tilt Ground & Ladder
Hustler 4BTV/5BTV/6BTV HF Verticals
G3-144 Vertical 2 Meter
G7-144 Vertical 2 Meter
Maldol HVU-8 Vertical 80/40/20/15/10/6/2/70cm
MFJ MFJ-1896, MFJ-1890, MFJ-1895 Moxon 6 Meters, 10 Meters, 15 Meters.
MFJ-1622, MFJ-1625 Window/Balcony Antenna 80-6 Meters
MP Antennas Super-M 400 Base Base Antenna 400-500 MHz
Super-M Classic Base Base Antenna 25-1300 MHz
Super-M Ultra Base Base Antenna 25-6000 MHz
Solarcon A99 Vertical 10-17 Meters DISCONTINUED
Surmen SX-  3 Vertical 2M/440
SX-20 Vertical 2M/440
Coax-Seal Coax-Seal
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Discontinued Base Antennas
Antenna Safety Tips

Please note that antennas are not returnable.
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