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Window Antenna
with Tuner

Order #0483
List Price:   $199.95
Your Price: $189.95

Window Antenna
no Tuner

Order #3950
List Price:   $99.95
Your Price: $93.95

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The MFJ-1625 is a unique antenna system that mounts on window frames, balconies and railings. It is perfect for apartment dwellers. It covers 80 through 6 Meters and can handle up to 200 watts.

The MFJ-1625 includes universal mount/clamp, built-in antenna tuner with RF isolator, long 12 foot telescoping whip (22.5 inches collapsed), high efficiency loading coil for 40/80 Meters, counterpoise wires and safety rope. Input is SO-239. For up to 200 watts. (Does not include coax cable). View larger.


The MFJ-1622 is similar. It does not have the antenna tuner and covers 40 to 10 meters plus 6 and 2 meters. No 80 meters. The telescopic whip element is only 5.5 feet long (2.5 feet collapsed).

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